Things to Consider to Avoid Slippery When Wet Sidewalks

If you are seeking for means so you can avoid slippery sidewalk, then this article is right for you. Usually when we think about slippery sidewalks we think about snow and ice. However there are times when a sidewalk or walkway can become slippery without the winter weather and they can become just as big an accident causer than the winter hazards. It’s a pain but it has to be done. Your sidewalk needs to be cleared after a snow if you want to safely use it. More importantly, you want others like the mail carrier or delivery people to be able to safely use it. You don’t want them to slip and fall on your property.

Shoveling is the first step but even the best shovel job can leave enough moisture on the surface to cause ice when the temperature drops. To prevent that, or to break up existing ice, there are a number of products available. Probably the most commonly used is sodium chloride or rock salt. It’s probably not widely known but rock salt dissolves ice only if there is a significant amount of traffic. Rock salt creates heat by creating friction between traffic going over it and the ice. Rock salt is also not very friendly to plants and grasses and can in fact kill them. A better alternative is the more expensive calcium chloride which actually gives off heat and is more plant friendly. Regardless which you use, you need to shovel or sweep the slush away.

Most sidewalks are made out of concrete but even those can be slippery in the rain if they are on a steep enough hill. Many times those stretches of walk will have ridges raked into them as they are poured to provide more friction and a better grip for pedestrians. The same design concept can be applied to wooden walkways and porches. Wood, particularly painted wood, will become very slippery when wet. Adding an indoor outdoor carpet pathway can significantly increase the safety and eliminate a slip and fall accident. Make sure that you know what to do in order to avoid slippery and accidents.


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